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Need a non-priest heals to fill in this week for Team Cookies - contact Ling in game if interested
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Dawning Nemesis News
Heroic Siegecrafter Blackfuse
Miihunglo much, much better
Cowa was it better than sex?

Below is the email I received from Sony when I applied to have DN created in Everquest in 2004. Just thought I would share this with you guys...

EQGuilds eqguilds@soe.sony.com

Your guild, Dawning Nemesis, has been approved. We look forward to seeing your guild throughout the lands of Norrath.

Heroic Thok 25M
Spoils of Pandaria
HM Malkorok 25M
Realm Rank 7
Region Rank 229
World Rank 728
World of Warcraft
Dawning Nemesis
Level 25 Alliance · 568 members
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